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G95 is my new Lumix
  • GH2 was my first camera for shallow dof, before it i just used camcorders, but it stop working due to got very old.

    G7 was my second lumix but i sold it due to money problems.

    I was feeling a gap, a blank, a lack in my existence, because Lumix was a part of my life history...

    So i found a used G95 almost new for a good price, and i also found a Metabones ultra 0,71x for quarter of price, i can use full frame and aps-c lenses. The Metabones is amazing, it does not degrade the image quality, i can use the lenses wide open, after using Metabones you can never go back to cheap focal reducers.

    I am very happy with this combo: headphones output, V-Log L, great 1080p and 4k quality, Neatvideo cleans it pretty good up to 2500 iso, V-Log L deliver great dynamic range, of course it is not a GH5s for low light, but GH5s is very expensive and out of my reach. The crop in 4k is not a problem because Metabones solve it, and i mainly use 1080p. MP4 420 8bit is enough for me, and it is real time editing. I saw some reviews and overheating does not seem to be a problem.

    Why a person can be so happy with an old technology instead of save money to more modern cameras? I dont know, i think it is some kind of emotional feeling... but maybe there are other reasons: i am a low budget guy, i think the sensor technology will develop and pay lots of money to top cameras now is a wrong decision, i like to extract the best from cheap gear, and i need to find a way to make more money...

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  • You are good normal guy. Do not buy on all this internet hype that is sponsored and supported by companies. I know that they do as we made hundreds of interviews and I talked countless hours with them. Most of them want puppets. Clapping endlessly.

    I shoot with Samsung NX500 and NX1. And they are nice for photos and occasional 1080p video.