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Why no-one dumped GH5 firmware?
  • Like many of you, big fan of Panasonic's GH camera line, going as far back as GH2 (hence how I created my username).

    However it has bewildered me that no-one worked on the GH5 like how work was done on the GH1 and GH2 i.e. dumping the firmware to reverse engineer it for tweaks and patches.

    I know the GH5 is pretty damn good out-of-the-box but myself and many others here would agree there was always room for improvement. I've always been hopeful but manjy years has passed and still I can't figure out why.

    May I ask anyone here to elaborate or share their thoughts on this?

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  • After the GH2 hacking disaster the level of encryption on firmware was increased.

  • Can you possibly elaborate how the GH2 hacing was a disaster?

    And in what way was the encryption on firmware was increased?

  • @GH2_fan

    A disaster for Panasonic management.


  • Really?

    What were the outcomes of this for Panasonic management??

    From my experience this really helped boost the popularity of the GH2, and I as a user was encouraging others to look into it!

    I understand :(

  • Dear Gh2 fan.

    Thanks to gh1 the gh2 was born, then Gh3 was born after, and gh4 then gh5 now the gh6 and most probably a last gh7 as a final goodbye to m4/3 support from panny, but I doubt it.

    What is the moral of the story?

    Many baby’s can be born from a single gh camera.

    And what’s the moral of that ?

    It’s something to think about and reflect metaphysicaly. Go beyond and maybe you can be the chosen one to unlock the power of gh5 encryption problem. Maybe it’s not just a hack maybe there are more parts of it and for it.

    You must go alone we shall wait for your return. Go Padawan !

    Remember!!! the hack is in you! Lol

  • @GH2_fan

    With some effort GH3 could be possible. I have almost full dump, as I told. But it turned out to be too much work with too little probability to make something significant and useful.

    As for later models - doing dumps is wrong way. Instead we need to change society to have collective open source work on such complex things.