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Panasonic "Lumix Global Summit 2024" underway in Osaka
  • Lumix Global Summit 2024 in Osaka is going on just now, so probably product announcement(s) in 14 days after the influencers have tried out their "gifts".

    A lot of key Lumix influencers and ambassadors is attending.

    Unfortunately the current product rumours is only about a new FF vlogger model called S9. Special features include a live view LUT loading /editing functions. (Just throw in a few beauty filters as well Panny boy!) Seems like this will be introduced May 22 (CET).

    As of now Panasonic currently has a total of 3 new models registered for WiFi compliance, so perhaps we might get more info on future models as well as this Lumix S vlogger cam.

    Influencers known to be in Osaka:

    GeekyNerdyTechy (Australia)

    Emily Maylowrey aka Micro Four Nerds (Great Britain)

    XploringLight (India?)

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  • All of the usual suspects is attending the Lumix Global Summit.

    The instagram hastag brings out most people at the Osaka press junket.

  • Yeah. Panasonics new fashion add.

    Could this thing beat the DJI Pocket 3 - which is in fact both fun and simple to use...

  • Apparently som new Lumix handed out at the summit.

    Afaik it has a view finder (which the S9 was not supposed to have).

    Also no venting holes at the side of it.

    525 x 479 - 380K
  • Resized.

    2100 x 1916 - 345K
  • Sort of G100 in FF sauce...

  • @EspenB

    Very ugly and uninteresting if it shall be looking like in the images above!

  • I hope it looks as in this rumor.

    2560 x 1440 - 333K