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Upcoming GoPro releases in 2024 - "ENTRY", Hero13 & MAX2
  • GoPro presented their Q1, 2023 earnings call (nothing to write home about - GoPro does not expect to go positive until 2025), but some further product announcements was given:

    Due to longer than expected developement times:

    • a new "entry level" camera has been pushed from Q2 to Q3 this year. "Different type of camera."
    • a new 360 camera MAX2 will push to late in Q4.

    A new flagship Hero camera (NOTE: Hero 13?) remains on track for a release later this year (NOTE: Usually late sept/early october). "The new Hero will have amazing new features and capabilities."

    The current MAX is rather old by todays standards (2019), and have not received a firmware update in 3,5 years (last was december 2020)! Claims was made about the Max2 being competitive in the market when it finally launches.