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Sensor technology, is a game changer coming?
  • The today sensor technology is reaching the limits of evolution. Color, noise, low light, dynamic range, resolution, fps, rolling shutter, everything has improved great.

    So it seems only a new technology can make things better from now.

    So the question is: will a new sensor technology come soon? Are the manufacturers developing a game changer sensor technology?

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  • Yes. It is called AI :-)

    And overall cameras production will drop and drop, as in the flood of AI stuff it'll be much less reason to buy camera.

  • Maybe the famous people will sell their image rights so AI developers can make movies with them using nvidia gpu.

    I did a research about the organic sensor and it seems it is currently being developed with good results, but no release date yet.


    “If we [make a] new camera, we can choose that kind of sensor. But it’s kind of an R&D matter. So it is not [certain] that we will use that sensor in the next camera or not.”

    Well, as always they never tell you the whole story. It could be coming in a Panasonic camera this year and they would never tell you until it's official.