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NAB 2024
  • New firmware for old Panasonic Lumix.

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  • No new cameras from Panasonic so far.

  • ATOMOS with new firmware for various recorder monitors.

    2048 x 1152 - 199K
  • Western Digital, parent of the SanDisk brand is showcasing a 4 TB SD card at NAB.

    The plan is to bring the 4 TB card to market in 2025.

    For the SD micro form factor SanDisk is showcasing a new 2 TB card.


    700 x 485 - 114K
    912 x 505 - 61K
  • Despite some speculations about possible announcements of implementing red code RAW internally or externally via Atomos recorders, nothing has been given so far from Nikon.

    Nikon Completes Acquisition of US Cinema Camera Manufacturer, LLC April 12, 2024

    Nikon Corporation (Nikon) hereby announces that as of April 8th, it has successfully acquired 100% of the outstanding membership interests of, LLC (RED), which offers revolutionary digital cinema cameras and award-winning technologies.

    Upon RED becoming a wholly owned subsidiary, RED's President Jarred Land became a close Advisor to the company, along with RED's founder James Jannard. Keiji Oishi, of Nikon's Imaging Business Unit, assumed the role of CEO and Tommy Rios, Executive Vice President of RED, moved into the role of Co-CEO.

    "Welcoming RED, a company that has been at the forefront of innovative technology, to the Nikon family is sure to expand the possibilities of imaging expression, and further delight the market with its innovation," comments Hiroyuki Ikegami, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Nikon's Imaging Business Unit. "Combining the best of both companies and working together to develop new, distinctive products, is our goal and for the brand to remain the choice for fans of Nikon and RED, and possibly reach out to an even wider audience."

    "I believe it is my mission as the representative of RED to develop the market in a way that will pay respect to the corporate cultures of RED and Nikon," says RED CEO Keiji Oishi. "You can look forward to RED's future product development which will aim to meet and exceed the expectations of cinematographers around the world."

    "We are the pioneer in digital cinematography, and the synergy with Nikon will only help us to continue to evolve," says RED Co-CEO Tommy Rios. "We'll continue to deliver cutting-edge technology that no one has ever seen before. We remain committed to working together with the RED dealers around the world."

    Newly appointed RED Advisor James Jannard comments, "It is a proud moment for me to see RED, a brand that I have nurtured with passion for over 20 years, gain the opportunity to achieve new heights with the help of Nikon, a company that I also love."

    RED Advisor Jarred Land shared his excitement, stating, "By joining the Nikon family, a company that is known for the advanced technology that it has been cultivated over many years, I am confident that RED will bring a new era to the professional digital cinema camera market. It is an honor to be a part of this new chapter."

    There will be no changes to RED's current product lineup, partners, and relationship with the dealers. RED will continue to support its policies with warranties, repair services, customer services, and overall product support.

    Nikon and RED will merge the strengths of both companies to develop distinctive products, while leveraging the business foundations and networks of both companies to expand the fast-growing professional digital cinema camera market.

  • Black Magic designs:

    New Micro Panel for the new v 19 of DaVinci Resolve (Studio). The cost is basically half of the previous version.


    1199 x 765 - 77K
  • Røde announces the Interview Pro which connects to the Wireless GO2, PRO, ME recievers.

    Shipping May 2024. The Interview PRO is a broadcast-quality handheld wireless microphone that’s ideal for capturing professional audio in a wide range of content creation, media and broadcast applications. It pairs seamlessly with all RØDE Series IV wireless receivers, utilising state-of-the-art 2.4GHz digital transmission to deliver incredibly stable audio with a range of up to 200m (line of sight). Featuring a high-quality omnidirectional condenser capsule, 32-bit float on-board recording, and intelligent GainAssist technology, it delivers professional results in any recording scenario.

    Retail USD 249,00


    2000 x 2000 - 298K
  • The Atomos Ninja turns your iPhone 15/Pro into a HD recorder. Sort of.

    Retail 399,00.

  • Smallrig is going full influencer mode:

    Caleb Pike mini v-mount battery:

    Potato Jet tripod:


    And not to forget the Andyax Creator Tool Kit for USD 100.


    1920 x 900 - 377K
    666 x 1234 - 449K