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Capitalism always produces war
  • It is very naive to think that it is possible to allow business into the life of society and avoid war. Business itself produces war, having been sucked up like a bedbug, it faces a situation when it cannot function without war - without war, its profits fall, investment portfolios collapse, and there is a crisis of overproduction. The market economy is INVESTED in wars, because war is situation of UNLIMITED demand. You produce two hundred helicopters, and they are shot down the very next day. And you need two hundred more, or better yet, five hundred. You've produced a million blankets, and they're burned in warehouses in a matter of weeks, lost, tattered by millions of soldiers. You produce shells, which are needed more and more every day, and the more successful the war, the more they need (the consumption of ammunition at the end of any war is significantly higher than at the beginning). And so on. No one was so saddened by the end of WWI and WWII as businessmen. Lenin didn't say that "capitalism is war" to make a point. It is simply a statement of fact that war is an integral part of the market economy and without wars it does not function, or if it does, it functions as an exception and for a very short time, until it carves out a club larger than competitors.

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  • As per yesterday ISW memorandum to the lesser politicians of the globe and public opinion in general, nuclear war (or just plain total war) isn't a problem anymore, we should kill each others.

  • We produce war 10,000 years before and all the time in between. Fuck even before capitalism was a thought. Change the title, maybe capitalism and it needs of war for a functioning economic society. Even mordor and it socialist views murdered 100 millions for nothing, just to proof a point.

    That was an inside war against it’s people (called Genocide) It was also a product of their need and basically I don’t know economically what would the incentives be but maybe less people was just better at that point? More money for the party? I don’t know that well Mordor Darci past but it sure was a war and was not capitalist country.