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Logitech Mevo Core 4K Camera - new m43 camera!
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  • The camera supports 4K video capture at 30fps. When it comes to online streaming, the camera delivers 1080p quality at 30fps. There are three noise-canceling microphones on board

    Mevo Core has dimensions of 88.9 × 88.9 × 82.5 mm and weighs 680 g (excluding the weight of the lens). Support for Wi-Fi 6E is implemented, which will reduce latency during broadcasts, provided that the user uses a router with support for this standard. The power source is a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 6400 mAh, which provides six hours of continuous operation. You can increase the battery life by using an external power source, which can be connected via the USB Type-C interface.

    $999 for camera that still can't match Samsung NX1 :-) (10 years will be soon!)

  • This camera must be using a 45 nanometer $1.5 dollar SoC from 2018 at 50mbits per second. LOL lithography from mainland china lol not even Taiwan. Why anyone in it right mind could buy this when Sony offers better second hand solutions, god even gh4 is better

    900 buck for this shit. World going crazy

  • @endotoxic

    It uses an Ambarella SOC.

  • Ambarella and they are charging this much?

    Fuck I had expectations for them to Implement wifi and other things via FPGA to Kind of level the expenses be let it be heavy and pay 900 bucks, but now this is an empty box with a sensor and a little motherboard with in/out