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Suggestion for a warning in one of ptool3 settings ?
  • Hello everyone,

    In connection with a problem that I recently had and solved (see here:, I noticed then that there is an incompatibility: it is improper to have on the same sd card films shot with the setting "AVCHD Movie Mode" --> "Wrapper" --> "Native 24p/25p" and films shot without.

    In my case, I saw that, after having installed the firmware with the hacked setting "AVCHD Movie Mode" --> "Wrapper" --> "Native 24p/25p", it was impossible to watch videos shot without this setting (i.e. shot with 50i): the camera would freeze, nothing more would happen, I had to switch the camera off. I repeated the procedure three times, and the same problem happened everytime with different clips shot with old settings (the three clips I shot with the new settings played fine).

    I inferred from this, that I should avoid having the two types of videos on one single card.

    It reminded me of a similar notice that I read in ptool: in "Patches for end users" --> "Movie related restrictions" --> "PAL <-> NTSC Menu" setting states in its /!\ warning: "You must clear sd card from other format footage".

    If I may allow myself to make a suggestion for a future update of ptool3, I would say that the same warning ought to apply to the setting "AVCHD Movie Mode" --> "Wrapper" --> "Native 24p/25p", or an information to the effect that "There is an incompatibility between films shot with this new setting and films shot without it. Watching films shot with the old setting while the camera has the new setting might lead to camera freeze."