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Bluetooth for audio transmission, i.e. DJI Mic2 function in various phones, cameras, etc.
  • Just curious why the heck the new DJI Mic2 transmitter with bluetooth audio will not connect to the GoPro Hero12.

    Then again when I look at the list of supportet phones it's not so great either, while a lot of iPhones is listed the support for i.e. Samsung is only for devices which are a couple of years old. I.e. it works like a charm with my Samsung S22 Ultra, so no problems here.

    So this begs the question if there is an issue with different / non supporting protocols / profiles?

    It's not perfectly clear to me if protocol and profile are the same thing, or not?

    From the documentattions:

    DJI Mic2 transmitter supports bluetooth protocol BR / EDR (basic rate / enhanced data rate).

    GoPro Hero12 supports HFP / HSP profile ( Hands Free Profile, Headset Profile).

    That said the documentation for the Hero12 clearly shows that the BT audio is targeted at headsets:

    Documentation for DJI Mic2 and mobile phone compatibility list:

    And; while the DJI Mic2 works with their own products like Pocket 3 and Action 4, it also seem to be supported by the latest Insta360 AcePro action cam. So clearly not a DJI exclusive support either.

    So finally my question; is it probable that the GoPro BT audio is implemented in a way which will not be compatible with the latest DJI Mic2 transmitter?

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  • It is all complicated. I think they tried to use some high quality mode. And note - compatibility list does not mean that with other models it does not work.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    For my own personal holistic wellness, eh ease-of-use ,it's clearly better if I replace the no-connection Hero12 as my solid state cam with an Action 4 or AcePro. ;-)

    As for audio quality, yes the basic headset profile supported by the Hero12 doesn't really sound that great. Unfortunately I'm not an "airpod" user, but connected the Hero12 to an older Samsung Level Box without problems. Not very good mic audio quality for sure, but thats probably because of the low data rade compression codec as well as perhaps a cheap mic. But suspect codec used in the basic headset profile is not great.

    image Samsung Level Box.

    550 x 525 - 66K
  • UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that the latest firmware for the Insta360 AcePro action cam DOES NOT support the DJI Mic transmitter, while the earlier version did.