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How to hack Lumix Gh2 with ver. 1.2 (body) installed
  • I've been stuck on this problem, i want to hack my gh2 with something like Moon T7, but after using ptools, formating card etc, the responce is "No valid picture to play". I think the problem is about the camera beeing on ver. 1.2, is there any way to downgrade to 1.1 again or a hack for 1.2? Im really dont know what to do at this point, please help.

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  • No, Ptool has way to increase version number. Just check it out among hacks.

  • I checked, i tried to increase the version in ptools ( by 1, 2, 10, 100...) and still nothing works, the bin file is named GH2__V13.bin so its all good. The camera still gives me the same answer.

  • Well, check version on camera itself.

  • The body is on 1.2 ( thats why i go with GH2__V13.bin), and lens in on 1.0

  • @Ogitele

    Not sure, but if you take high resolution video, it might happen the camera can not display it.

    But file on SD is fine. You may be check your SD on computer too?

  • @mitkoo Maybe i dont understand you, but your talking about reading a video by the camera. Im talking about hacking the camera by updating it with a new verison with higher bit-rate. So it shouldnt read it as a video, but just ask me if i want to update to higher version

  • So I think I found the problem, I am using a SanDisk Ultra MICROSD 64Gb card with a SanDisk adapter and the microSD card has a read speed of 100MB/s. Is this enough or is it too slow and should I go with something like Sandisk Extreme Pro?