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AI: War with China on AI field
  • The US is restricting the sale of chips that Nvidia Corp. designed specifically for the Chinese market and curbing exports to two Chinese artificial-intelligence chip firms, as part of sweeping updates to export controls that are designed to block China’s access to highly advanced semiconductor technology.

    The tighter controls will target Nvidia’s A800 and H800 chips, a senior US official said, which the American firm created for export to the Asian country after the Biden administration introduced its initial restrictions last October. Those curbs, including the updated rules released Tuesday, aim to prevent China from accessing cutting-edge technology with military uses.

    Military use has no value here, but AI use has.

    The only non military area where US led block has advantage for now is big data and AI. And loosing this battle will mean.. the end.

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  • “The [restriction] updates are specifically designed to control access to computing power, which will significantly slow down the PRC's development of next-generation AI models that could be used in ways that threaten the United States and our allies, especially because they could be used for military purposes,” — US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said in a telephone conversation with reporters.