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Z CAM E2 and E2-M4 hidden 14-bit RAW mode
  • Hidden 14-bit readout mode is found in Z CAM firmwares for E2 and E2-M4.

    To activate it set these settings:

    • Resolution: 3696x2772 (Low Noise)
    • Project FPS: 23.98/24/25
    • WDR: Off

    This mode triggers Sony IMX299 sensor readout mode "0" that allows 14-bit color.

    If you use a firmware with old ZRAW (0.93 and older) or a hacked firmware with mode "ZRAW (Bayer CFA)", you can get a pure RAW DNG with 14-bit color.

    752 x 320 - 28K
    947 x 285 - 87K
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  • @storyboardcreativity

    Nice, are they still making E2?