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Looking for GF6 Firmware Hacks
  • Hopefully one day the GF6 firmware will also be hacked.

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  • If you are a programmer you may do it.

    Don’t expect it anytime soon from this page. Vitally has long term contract with panafriends for not hacking anything anymore.

  • So he seems to be benefitting from capitalism after all and is actually being compensated to do nothing (almost like an extortion payment)? Interesting.

  • Indeed my friend. Indeed.

  • @endotoxic

    Stop posting fantasies :-) I can assure you nothing of any sort ever existed.

  • @Vitaliy
    Good to hear and to have that debunked.
  • @Vitaliy_kiselev Then why you did not developed further hacks for subsequent cameras ?

    There was an unknown deal between pana you driftwood and all the OGs from this forums to not further develop any hack.

    Why not hack gh6 ?

    Even driftwood got all wrapped up with Panasonic as an representative.

  • @endotoxic

    Because it became impossible.

    Nick indeed had relations with Panasonic but only as small test and PR person, but it happened quite a time after development became impossible.

    You can look at Sony cameras. Same thing. I had site and still at wiki we have all info about them.

  • Well, I just don't see the hack development as anywere near the same weight that PV aquired later as a community. It was great in the start, I used it when I was a student, it was fun. But the forum itself became a lot more relevant than hack availbility itself.

    Sincerelly, I doubt hacks are the best piece of thing to worry into a workflow right now, even magic lantern don't apeal to me that much, I'm much more into gear that don't need to be hacked in the first place and PV even acomplished to influence something into camera development decisions.

    In the impeding doom :) , I would much more prefer that this chunk of knowledge producers here goes into another direction than hacking products to get a few more breadcrumbs.

  • @RoadsidePicnic

    Look at the start of this video, or whole Louis channel, it has similar history.