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H6 Audio failure, asking for help!
  • Hi people. I had an problem with a recording in zoom h6. The audio folder and files are not visible to the PC in the SD card. They were visible in the zoom as projects until I mounted the SDCard in other place, now they are not anymore. I recovered the files with recover software, but now they have constant drops of audio (image atacched), if I delete all the drops the content became normal. Anyone had something like that in life? I really cant lose those files.

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    3840 x 2160 - 285K
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  • Unfortunatelly, I only rocevered the truncated audio....

  • News: problem solved. After a big deal of research and trying, we refined some simple phyton code and got it right. In paralel, talked with this guy and he updated his code originally made for H4n, that now is working with H6 failures too. I recommend the reading, it's very informative. Comments about the H6 are on the code itself.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev would you please edit this topic as solved, for indexing purposes? Thanks!