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An Old Subject - Have a Japanese Panny GF1 - but the Ptool FW hack is not recognized by the camera
  • Hello all...

    Just purchased a pristine/mint Panasonic GF1 camera body from Japan with only 900 shutter actuations. However, I didn't realize that Panasonic cameras (at least the early models) purchased in Japan only have the Japanese language firmware (no other languages), and it is impossible to set to any other language.

    After research, I found out about the Ptool3 hack that allows for a variety of improvements, along with being able to access various languages (in my case English). I followed all the instructions with the Ptool3, and saved the firmware with the next highest number (as described).

    Problem is that no matter what I try, the camera (when I press Play) will not recognize the firmware at all, so at this point, I am unable to use this firmware hack.

    Here is what I did:

    I brought up the PTool, and loaded the latest GF1 firmware - which is GF1__122.bin

    I then check marked "Version Compare."

    I then check marked "Patches for End Users," and double-clicked on that and then from the drop-down menu, selected "Interface." I then clicked on "Interface" and check marked "All Interface Languages.?

    I then saved the new FW as GF1__123.

    I inserted the new FW on to the SD card (not in any folder) - and yes, it was formatted in camera first. I then inserted the SD card into the GF1, turned it on, and then hit the Play Button - but nothing. All I get is the Japanese phrase, telling me I have no images to view (or something like that). It just does not recognize the new hacked FW. I've now tried this a dozen times (at least), all to no avail.

    The question now is that my camera looks like (perhaps) the latest version of the GF1 that was manufactured, before production on that model was ended. Do you think that they built in defenses to prevent FW hacks?

    I can still use the camera and actually have it set up the way I want - but having the English language would have been ideal.

    Thanking you in advance for anyone that can provide some assistance here.

    Ben Herrmann Fuquay-Varina, NC