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Why destruction of dpreview and similar sites can be good?
  • Logic here is quite strong.

    Actually, you should look at this sites as something like hand of large firms and corporations who are making cameras and lenses.

    Their mission is two fold - help sell the stuff they make. But not only.

    More important is sell you their vision and independently approve choices they made.

    You never can have any independent author or journalist in any major media. They are all working for same goals.

    Present state of camera market is largely due to their effort.

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  • Well, Spielberg himself just made a 3 hour long eulogy totting the fact that you need nothing more than a shitty super8 camera, being jew and live in amerikkka to become a great filmmaker, so nothing any smartphone can't acomplish today

    It would be wonderfull if someday if cameras evolve to be good imaging tools again, modular boxes you can route and manipulate with interchangeable elements and open signal instead of those beanbags of patents with vintage shape