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Full HD 1080p is never perfect in mirrorless and dslr cameras, even modern models...
  • I have noticed that all camera manufacturers are neglecting and disregarding the quality of full hd 1080p video on mirrorless cameras. Great efforts are being made and resulting in great 4k quality, but full hd 1080p is never perfect, presenting one or more of these issues: softness, aliasing, moiré, plastic look, low resolution. Not everyone needs 4k, often for low-budget projects or for viewing on small screens, or for a more cost-effective storage and editing, all we want is a good full hd 1080p. Also downscaling 4k in post consumes time, and put 4k direct in timeline needs a more powerfull computer, so shot in full hd 1080p is much better. What do you are perceiving about this?

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  • Can you be more specific considering camera models with issues in 1080p?

    Also, 4K (up to 60fps) on timeline just works with almost any modern or even used computer now.

  • These results of my research was watching original 1080p videos downloaded from reviews and still image comparison extracted from video:

    Sony aps-c models are very soft in 1080p and have some aliasing (A6x00 series)

    Canon DSLR and Mirrorless shows strong moiré in textures (T7i - M50)

    Nikon DSLR have some small amount of plastic look in surfaces because textures get flat, can improve a little bit with sharpening in post (D3x00 and D5x00 series)

    Nikon Mirrorless shows aliasing and pulsing patterns in image when camera moves (Z30)

    Panasonic resolution in 1080p is low and there is some aliasing, also sensor is small and needs native lenses or focal reducer (G7 - G85 - G95) - Focal Reducer introduce softness, chromatic aberration and flares.

    Fujifilm has the best crisp resolution in 1080p, but there is a small amount of moiré (X-T30 and others with 26MP sensor) - another problem not related to image is that there is no cheap third part batteries and chargers

  • Well 1080p eng cameras are cheap now, they come with great lenses and lots of features.

    Also 1080p dslr are very cheap

  • @apefos

    You can instead look at GH5, G9 - I edited hundreds of 1080p videos from them, and they are nice.

    Also, do not focus so much on very subtle things - nowadays people will be watching your video on smartphone, so, live with it.

    Look for model that can still do good 4K 60fps. As it is very useful.

  • I'm learning to avoid perfectionism and find a balance between quality, money and effort.