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War: Switzerland advertising - report too hot home of your neighbor to put them in jail!
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  • I highly doubt this poster is real. I live in Switzerland and I have never seen it. And the plan of the Swiss government is, that everyone voluntarely is not heating over 20 degrees this winter. If energy is not suffient, then public buildings are required to heat up to 19 degrees. And I called the number, it is of the press office of the ministry of environment, traffic and energy. Generally we Swiss try to love our neighbors, no matter what :-)

  • @neveraholiday

    Interesting, looks extremely real.

  • According to Energy Department official, Simone Hug, the federal government has nothing to do with the poster.

    "There are no such federal posters, nor do we call for people to be exposed," said Hug, who added that the government is investigating who created the hoax.

    Outlet '20 Minuten' says it's easy to conduct a google reverse image of the alleged poster, where it can be found on 'freepik,' which hosts over 25 million images, and lists the template as "blank billboard mockup."