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UK: Winter energy rationing coming
  • Today it emerged that Britons could be asked to limit energy use this winter to head off blackouts by avoiding using gas and electricity at peak times in a move that will hit every part of life.

    At home people may be encouraged not to use washing machines, dishwashers and ovens between 2pm and 8pm while charging cars before 9pm is also not advised when similar measures were imposed in the US this year. Abandoning the family weekday dinner at 6pm or the Sunday roast at 5pm may be required and moved to after 8pm or swapped for a cold dinner or leftovers.

    The NHS Confederation has predicted that the solution for the health service will 'have to be made up by fewer staff being employed, longer waiting times for care, or other areas of patient care being cut back'. NHS England guidance says staff must turning off equipment and lights and better control temperatures in hospitals and surgeries.

    Schools have even discussed three-day weeks and classes could be combined to reduce the number of rooms that require heating each day.

    While care homes are being forced to take drastic action to absorb soaring living costs such as reducing menu options, using washing machines less and cutting down on entertainment and outdoor trips for elderly and vulnerable residents.

    Pubs are already turning out the lights as soaring energy bills hit the ailing hospitality sector - with last orders at 8.30pm and closing by 9pm, food service being stopped and skeleton teams running venues to avoid financial ruin. Beer gardens are even being shut at night to save costs.