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IFA 2022
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    I'm going to IFA in Berlin this week. Not as reporter this time, but I'll try to see if there are some fun things regardless. I'll go by car from Norway so it's a packaged road trip, shopping, show visit and Berlin sightseeing all at once.

    I have in the past visited IFA more or less every time since 1994. But long gone are the physical format wars of the past: SD/MMCD, DVD-A/SACD, HD-DVD/Blu-ray. Which sort of made the show a fun place. Also, these days you find mostly anything online. In the past you got home with 20 kgs of paper, photos and slides to read.

    These days IFA become focused on cell phone accessories to a large extent. And the domestic appliances for cooking and washing. But after some years of covid19 hiatus, it looks like many of the older halls surrounding the west Berlin tv-tower is empty.

    I'll try to post some images here during the weekend after my visit on friday.

    If you know of any item or exhibitor which is of particular interest please give a suggestion.


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  • @EspenB

    Nice, how about some photos and texts?

  • I visited the Panasonic stand at the IFA show in Berlin and asked about the Leica 9 mm delivery time. Unfortunately they could not provide a updated delivery time. But acknowledged that there might be production issues. At least I was able to hold the 9 mm lens as it was exhibited on the G9. Its very light weight. My local dealer in Norway previously said October for delivery.

  • IfA 2022 has not really recovered from the pandemic it seems. A lot of big players like Sony, Philips, DJI was not here. Sony had a händler zentrum only, not open to the public.

    LG and Samsung showcased their micro LED displays.

    Seems like power stations are popular now all the well known brands like Ecoflow, Jackery as well as dozen Chinese makers showcased their units.

  • @EspenB

    Thanks. do you have any photos made on smartphone ?

  • Also did you see Autel drones? They have something new for IFA.

  • Just returned home from Berlin (by car and ferry), I'll upload some images as soon as I have recovered.

    I feel it was the worst IFA in 20 years.

    There was a lot of empty halls. Even Sony only had a händler zentrum not open to the public. I guess the best was Samsung in the City Cube. Micro LED displays are exciting, even of the largest costed around 150 000 euro at the moment. Hopefully prices will come down. The launch of the flip and fold phones had a large section (flip or flop?).

    Also LG had a nice presence with micro LED and the bending pc monitor for gamers. As previously said cell phone accessories have taken over much of the IFA show, but I feel even here there was a post covid downturn as well. DJI was absent with their drones and gimbals. As was GoPro (but they only attend IFA sometimes in the past anyway). I did see the Autel stand, might have been to quick on that one. I'll examine my images.

    I basically observed every maker of power generators at the show, this I feel was a new category for IFA - at least with so many different brands.

    Also there was very little hand outs, freebies and giveaways available, got a nice gift bag from MSI but they quickly shut down that for most of the day. Seriously, I'm a pretty seasoned swag collector, but ended up with only 8 pens.