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Canon attacked Viltrox and forced to stop making RF products
  • Two days ago, on August 27, DPReview forum member lowkeyguyo shared a post with an image showing a conversation he had with a Viltrox representative on Instagram. In it, the Viltrox representative said the company has ‘been told by Canon to stop selling all RF mount products.’ As such, it ‘will not release RF related information on the official [Viltrox] website’ and suggests people who need firmware updates for Viltrox’s RF mount lenses email ‘’ instead.

    The representative went on to say it’s ‘not the first company to be stopped’ and says it would reconsider ‘if Canon opens up permissions in the future.’ In a comment to DPReview, a Canon representative said ‘No comment at this time.’ We have also contacted Viltrox for further information.

    Canon is greedy shit, who wants to profit on common work of people.