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Wolfgang Petersen Dies at 81
  • Wolfgang Petersen, the German writer-director who surfaced in Hollywood following the triumph of his submarine masterpiece Das Boot to make the action blockbusters In the Line of Fire, Air Force One and The Perfect Storm, has died. He was 81.

    Petersen died Friday at his Brentwood home of pancreatic cancer.

    Das Boot is real masterpiece, as well as The Perfect Storm.

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  • Das Boot is the only foreign film where the original language version was more popular in US cinemas than the dubbed english one. I guess it feels more real in german. Also,reportedly Peterson was carefull to select german actors from different parts of the country.

    BTW: "The Pefect Storm".

  • @EspenB

    Thanks, fixed. My head made strange back translation from Russian title of the film.

  • The behind the scenes are really interesting, he made the actors live in the u-boot to make them feel the claustrophobic effect.

  • @jazzroy

    Even more fun is that author of original textual basis for Das Boot was not very happy with result. Mini series version is slightly closer, as it has more talks, but original was extremely focused on talks and anti war stuff.