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Samsung S22 Ultra charging speed issues
  • So upgraded to the Samsung S22 Ultra which does not come with a charger anymore, just USB-C cable.

    Stupid me for thinking that USB-C PD is a totally compatible standard, so I got a 65 watt charger from Hama. Howeve, this 65 watt PD charger only charges the S22 Ultra phone with <18 watts. No other non genuine USB-C PD charger gives anything other than <18 watts either.

    I also tried the USB-C PD port on my Ecoflow power pack: just 15 watts while the USB-A "fast charge" port gives 16 watts. On camping trips I mostly use the Ecoflow, so the fact that the USB-C PD port only manages 15 watts (and not the advertised 45 watt charging speed on the S22 Ultra is a real bummer).

    Entering the Samsung genuine 25 watt USB-C power brick with my step-son uses: The S22 Ultra charges with "super fast" for the first time.

    Is the genuine Samsung PD chargers (25/45 watt) the only one which works with the Samsung S22 phones?

    What happened to the USB-C PD universal specs?


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