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War: Strange war in Ukraine and COVID
  • First - you can see how all major news outlets cancelled COVID right at the moment of Ukraine performance start.

    Second - strange things during Ukraine war:

    • Withdrawal of forces right at the moment they could cut major Kiev railroad hub (60-80% of all supplies go via this hub)
    • Withdrawal from around major eastern cities right at the moment the fuel and ammo supplies had became short
    • Use of Mariupol as reason for withdrawal - but this had been only city that had huge supplies and had been prepared since 2014
    • Constant reduction of mobility from Russian side to allow Ukraine forces to keep positions with lack of fuel and enough trucks
    • Any rise of mobility and the front will fall, as other side don't have means to mirrors such moves
    • False use by domestic press of references to western intelligence to oppose the rise of mobility - but it makes zero sense, as it still requires other side to do mirror moves and they can't
    • Focus on Donbass aglomeration and forests near Izum - the only prepared fortified areas
    • Stop of advancements (orders came from the political top) where Ukraine had unprotected fields and where it had been impossible to hide
    • Even most of military factories are still working good
    • None of the valuable bridges touched (totally opposite to that opposite side is doing), except 2-3 that make no major impact on the outcome

    Third - as speed of conflict is subsiding (while waiting for major Western supplies) major outlets again started COVID and smallpox talks.

    If you ask me - we now observe some kind of major theater spectacle where both parties are on the same side and people are used as consumables.

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  • That was my impression also, the globalists are behind all parties and everything they do is in our detriment!