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Begun the Gaz War has
  • Germany's gas storage facilities were replenished slightly overnight despite a significant cut in supplies from Russia, the country's grid regulator said on Saturday, but confirmed that the gas supply situation remains "tight."

    Saturday's gas storage rate was 56.67%, up slightly from Friday's 56.29%, German grid regulator Bundesnetzagentur said in its daily gas supply report, reiterating its call to conserve as much gas as possible.

    The German government has urged businesses and households to reduce their gas consumption to a minimum in order to ensure sufficient storage levels before the start of the heating season in about 12 weeks.

    Earlier this week, Russia limited supplies via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to about 40% of its capacity, which Moscow blamed on delaying equipment stuck in Canada for maintenance.

    Germany, which consumes most of its fuel from Russian gas, questioned this explanation and said Russia's actions were politically motivated to make it harder to fill the storage facilities.

    Bundesnetzagentur President Klaus Müller said late on Friday that even if Germany's gas storage facilities were 100% full, that would only last 2.5 months if Russia completely cut off supplies.

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  • EU has more than 400 million people and nobody tell what is really about to come but all say about how we have to support Ukraine...

    This is total madness...

  • @garroulus

    Well, capitalism rely on idiotic idea that some big guy on the top will do everything in your interest All you need to do is to vote properly :-)

    Now it is time to learn the lesson.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    It'll be a bitter lesson and as cynical as it may seem I guess the masses deserve it.

  • They all deserve to die? It’s not fair but it’s being done. I always knew end game was coming but always thought of it as a massive natural disaster not humans killing humans in a non war way in time and in silence. This is more depressing that war this is like knowing you and all other will die soon but none of natural causes.

    It’s not fair but it’s what power can do and there is no real justice in nature so they win.