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Good quote: Putin on colonies
  • Either the country is sovereign, or a colony. Whatever the name of the colonies. Now I will not give examples so as not to offend anyone, but if a country is not able to make sovereign decisions, it is already a colony. And the colonies have no historical prospects.

    (c) V. Putin

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  • At first it hurts.

    But in time you will forget. Is the memory that make us remember.

  • I know such country very well...

  • @endotoxic It's not that easy as it seems... I guess you are quite a bit faraway to understand...

  • Of course i am far, and away, that doesn’t strictly disable my ability of understanding.

    my comments, they are ironically placed specifically to Mordor and their new future” of loneliness and later the proper dissolution of it into maybe 8 new republics. Several oligarchs will have their own country shortly. As I said, At first it hurts but in time you will not remember even that Russ.. russi… name I don’t remember.

    The only thing I know for sure is that this is the last happy summer of EU in several years. The incoming winter will be the beginning of the real hate over Mordor’s sovereign President and overall “race”. That’s how you make WWIII. Not by invasion of Ukraine, but by pure simple and intense hate.

    Add new restrictions as new virus strains go unplugged, inflation, poor quality of life, add some famine over here and there and more war to the already Overcooked soup. 2023 Europe! It’s a wrap!

  • I also predict massive migration to Latin America from Europe. Better quality of life for less money. I also se the perfect timing for inclusion of UBI (universal basic income) in several European countries, after the constructed famine enters the stomachs of all Europeans by this winter.

    World Technocratic regime is around the corner.

  • @endotoxic At least world millionaires dont migrate to Latin America. Personally would love to live near a rain forest...

  • Yeah, but I’m not talking about millionaire, I’m talking about common eu citizen, and that is another story.

    I would gladly guide you to the best forest arround and maybe you can get some work here. I can help, unless you are a millionaire.

  • Thanks you... No im not a millionaire and never desire such as to be a millionaire is nothing special as there are so many...

    The common eu citizens don't have neither the gut neither the money to make such a move...

    Maybe some with the gut or some more money...but to few of them...

    I would gladly be in to those few...just not yet...but yes thank you to have a friend on the better side of the world...

  • Supporting each other in this times has shown to be the real difference since the sistema doesn’t recognize that. In China it does but until that shit come to fruition in the west we can support each other and maybe make communities of good old living free humans.

    I don’t know this times are very confusing and even rather smart and powerfull people don’t know what to do.

    Until the food and deseases come let’s not hope for the best but get ready for the worst.