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New Apocalypse: Monkeypox
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  • Europe should expect a wave of monkeypox cases in the coming months, according to Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization's top official on the continent.

    “As we enter the summer season… with mass gatherings, festivals and parties, I am concerned that transmission [of monkeypox] could accelerate,” Kluge said on Friday.

  • Belgium Begins Monkeypox Quarantines, Biden Warns "Everybody Should Be Concerned"

    Around 1% of those who contract the current strain will die.

    Here we go again.

  • @garroulus

    They try to fight with inflation by killing ability of people to buy stuff.

  • Federal officials have identified 1.6 million people as 'highest risk' for monkeypox, however the US has only received enough doses of Bavarian Nordic's Jynneos vaccine - the only FDA-approved shot to protect against the virus - for around 550,000 people.

    More than 6,600 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in the United States since May 18 with the vast majority occurring among men who have sex with men — a total that has doubled about every 8 days, but which experts believe is a significant undercount. Officials have also reported at least five cases of monkeypox in children, who are believed to have gotten infected through household transmission.

    While health officials have stressed that monkeypox poses far fewer risks than coronavirus — with just a handful of deaths globally and none to date in the United States — the virus can lead to fever, swollen lymph nodes, rash and often painful lesions that can last for weeks and result in scarring. The virus also is linked to more severe complications in children, pregnant women and people with immune conditions. -WaPo

  • Genital herpes with complications due to low immune system response due to consecutive vaccinations

    Easy cake.

    Those who get vaccinated with this new vaccines what will happen to them? That’s is the real question.

    It would be crazy at an extent to see all this gay shit propaganda going on and being pushed hard and on parallel, massive genocide to gay community via vaccination. Too crazy ?

  • Official data from the US government proves that vaccination against Covid-19 increases the risk of developing a herpes disease, including monkeypox in humans, by at least 50 times.

    May be it is just coincidence?