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Z CAM E2-M4 0.98.2 Hack with true RAW firmware is released
  • The first alpha version of 0.98.2 for E2-M4 with old true ZRAW is released.


    • Added new recording mode: "ZRAW (Bayer CFA)" - it's an old (true) ZRAW with Bayer RAW data, that can be used in our converter or original Z CAM ZRAW VideoSuite

    • Original current ZRAW is now renamed to "ZRAW (HEVC)" - it still can be used if you need it

    WARNING! Firmware is for E2-M4 ONLY!!! DO NOT setup it on any other camera models!


    How to install the firmware:

    1. Rollback your E2-M4 to 0.98.0 version (take image file from the original Z CAM website)

    2. Prepare usb-stick/disk with our new image file (WARNING! ALL DATA ON THIS DISK WILL BE ERASED):

    • connect flash to PC

    • open balenaEtcher program (it's free, you can find it in the internet)

    • choose zip file from this post (download zip file by link down there)

    • choose your usb-stick/disk

    • start process by pressing "Flash!" button and wait

    • eject your usb-stick/disk after successful flashing process

    3. Install FW to E2-M4:

    • turn off your E2-M4

    • connect your usb-stick/disk to your E2-M4

    • press record button and power button simultaneously

    • wait until you see Z CAM logo on the screen

    • wait for 1-2 seconds and release buttons

    • camera will update to our new firmware

    If all is done correctly, after reboot camera will start using new firmware.

    You can always rollback to the original Z CAM firmware without any problems.

    BalenaEther can be found here (it's free):

    Link to the firmware image with new features (that you choose in balenaEther):

    Facebook group with all info and links to ZRAW to DNG Video Converter:

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  • Looking forward to checking this out! I put in a request to join the facebook page. I would like to read more about it. What is the bit depth of the DMG files does your converter creates? Is there a link to your converter? Can I assume that I will end up with DMG files like I get from my BMCC 2.5k except with 4k resolution?



  • @majoraxis

    ZRAW (Bayer CFA) is 12-bit for E2-M4.

    Link to last current ZRAW to DNG Video Converter version:

  • @storyboardcreativity

    Thank you for your efforts on this, it's very exciting. Do you know if it's possible to enter recovery mode any other way, i.e. via api calls or serial command? My shutter button no longer works but I can still record via the app or web interface. Thanks!