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Z CAM E2-M4 0.98.2 Hack with true RAW firmware is released
  • The first alpha version of 0.98.2 for E2-M4 with old true ZRAW is released.


    • Added new recording mode: "ZRAW (Bayer CFA)" - it's an old (true) ZRAW with Bayer RAW data, that can be used in our converter or original Z CAM ZRAW VideoSuite

    • Original current ZRAW is now renamed to "ZRAW (HEVC)" - it still can be used if you need it

    WARNING! Firmware is for E2-M4 ONLY!!! DO NOT setup it on any other camera models!


    How to install the firmware:

    1. Rollback your E2-M4 to 0.98.0 version (take image file from the original Z CAM website)

    2. Prepare usb-stick/disk with our new image file (WARNING! ALL DATA ON THIS DISK WILL BE ERASED):

    • connect flash to PC

    • open balenaEtcher program (it's free, you can find it in the internet)

    • choose zip file from this post (download zip file by link down there)

    • choose your usb-stick/disk

    • start process by pressing "Flash!" button and wait

    • eject your usb-stick/disk after successful flashing process

    3. Install FW to E2-M4:

    • turn off your E2-M4

    • connect your usb-stick/disk to your E2-M4

    • press record button and power button simultaneously

    • wait until you see Z CAM logo on the screen

    • wait for 1-2 seconds and release buttons

    • camera will update to our new firmware

    If all is done correctly, after reboot camera will start using new firmware.

    You can always rollback to the original Z CAM firmware without any problems.

    BalenaEther can be found here (it's free):

    Link to the firmware image with new features (that you choose in balenaEther):

    Facebook group with all info and links to ZRAW to DNG Video Converter:

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  • Looking forward to checking this out! I put in a request to join the facebook page. I would like to read more about it. What is the bit depth of the DMG files does your converter creates? Is there a link to your converter? Can I assume that I will end up with DMG files like I get from my BMCC 2.5k except with 4k resolution?



  • @majoraxis

    ZRAW (Bayer CFA) is 12-bit for E2-M4.

    Link to last current ZRAW to DNG Video Converter version: