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New to ALL of this...
  • Im about to buy the Panasonic GH2. The hack info that I've found so far astounds me, especially the high bitrates, the 4K, and the 4x3 aspect because I shoot with anamorphic lenses and the 16x9 aspect is too squashed. Anyway, I'm trying to do all this for the first time, and coming from a Canon Magic Lantern background, I'm really keen to try. Anyone got some helpful tips and advice out there? Sorry for the huge NUBE sticker on my forehead! Thanks in advance everyone!

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  • My only advice: buy one asap, and play with it. Seriously, the GH2 is one of the best things I've EVER bought, thanks to the great community here.

    And look in the FAQs section in the green bar at the top of this page if you get stuck, because everyone is a "nube" at something (me included).

    But without having any specific question it's a bit difficult to provide more than general advice, which is to first get your GH2, try all sorts of stuff out and have fun, and only then will you find out what works and also you'll find out what you need to ask, specifically, to help with the type of stuff you have in mind to shoot. For example, there are lots of people on here with anamorphic experience and equally, with almost any other aspect of shooting and editing you can imagine.

    And then once you start shooting, post your videos and people will be very willing to help with suggestions / advice / comments etc. I've found this is a very supportive community.

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