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Italy: Being poor is new normal
  • A record 4.28 million people are below the poverty line in Italy

    Italian authorities fear public tension and riots due to high prices and post-pandemic tensions. At the moment, 12% of people in Italy are below the poverty line, these are mostly ordinary workers, Labor Minister Orlando announced. This is 4% more than the pre-pandemic indicators of 2019, when 3 million people were recognized as the poorest in the country.

    In 2019, the Italian authorities acknowledged that the main cause of poverty is the lack of jobs. But now, of course, “Russia is to blame for everything!” with its Ukrainian conflict. The Minister of Labor, in an interview with the Italian press, said that big problems appeared on the labor market due to the price hike.

    By the way, the cost of gas increased by 628% compared to pre-pandemic prices, which is reflected in the cost of production and products, writes Il Messaggero.