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Almost 45% of Russians surveyed thought about switching to freelancing
  • This is stated in the results of a joint study of the and SberUslugi services, conducted in April among 4,120 residents of all Russian regions.

    “44% of respondents in Russia thought about switching to freelancing. 19% of respondents indicated that they definitely would not want to work in this format. Another 37% of study participants noted that they had not thought about it yet,” the survey results say.

    Respondents could point to several benefits of freelancing. Among them, the leader was the possibility of remote work - this item was chosen by 79% of respondents. 78% singled out the opportunity to independently determine the work schedule. Almost half (46%) of the study participants indicated that freelancing can work on several projects at once, and 44% of respondents this format allows you to earn more. For 36% of respondents, freelancing makes it possible to move to another city or country, and 9% of respondents are sure that it is easier to work in this format. In the "Other" option, 2% of respondents most often indicated that freelancing allows them to spend more time on hobbies and family.

    Speaking about the specialties that Russians are considering for freelancing, a quarter of respondents (26%) indicated that they could do repairs in private. Another 18% of respondents are ready to provide educational services, and 17% preferred the sphere of beauty and health. 16% of the study participants said that they can provide services in the field of IT, 14% - in design or marketing, 10% - in the field of foreign languages ​​(translations and text preparation). Another 5% of respondents indicated the possibility of working privately as specialists in the field of sports. In the "Other" option, 28% of respondents often mentioned the areas of jurisprudence, accounting, construction and security.