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Annual inflation in Turkey in April is almost 70%
  • Annual inflation in Turkey in April was almost 70%, which was a record for the last 20 years

    Turkey's annual inflation rate has risen for the 11th month in a row. At the same time, in January, annual inflation was about 49%, in March - 61%, in April last year - 17%. Turkish journalists link the price hike with the Ukrainian crisis and a sharp rise in energy prices.

    During the year, the most expensive ones rose: transport (+105%), food (+89%), household goods (+78%), housing and communal services (+61%). Health services (+36%), education (+28%), clothing (+26%) also hit the wallets of Turks.

    It should be noted that the Turkish government has come up with a very strange way to deal with inflation and economic shocks. When the whole world (including Russia) raises the key rate, Erdogan decided to ... lower it. And those who disagree with such plans, the head of the Ministry of Finance, the national statistical office and three heads of the Central Bank were successively fired. As we can see, the results were not long in coming.