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GoPro in 2022: Four new cameras including professional pro level solution
  • I used to listen to GoPro's quarterly earnings calls in the past, but have jumped off the wagon in the last year.

    However in the recent earnings call Mr Woodman took some time off his yacht to tell us about the 2022 highlights.

    I'll just refer to the DC Rainmaker report on YouTube which seems to sum it up nicely (I have not listened to the actual earnings call).

    In 2022 GoPro will release a whopping four new models:

    • Pro Level action camera with possibility of a larger sensor
    • smaller FPV compatible form factor, i.e. Session, "DJI Action 2 lookalike" or some sort of "clip on"
    • Hero 11
    • Max2 (or some other named 360 degree camera to replace the soon to be 3 year old Max).

    For 2023 this range of new cameras will expand further. All cameras will be iterations built on existing technology.

    Also: More cloud based features and a new desktop app is coming this year.

    DC rainmaker speculates that we might see some of these new models already for a spring 2022 launch.

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  • Som recently issued patents discloses a modular concept with a gimbal.


    GoPro could be building a modular, gimbal-stabilized camera system to take on the DJI Pocket 2 and DJI FPV, according to some fascinating new patents.

    The patents, which were published on March 10, contain some detailed drawings and descriptions of a system that includes a GoPro Session-style camera module, a mechanically stabilized gimbal, and a connector that allows both to slot into a handheld grip or even a drone.

  • 2022 outlook:

    can you help us understand how are you assuming how much of growth in the second half will come from some of the new products that -- whether they could be a little bit more mass markets in order to drive the units versus growth from the traditional, the HERO flagship line? How much of the growth should we think about coming up from the new product versus the legacy in the second half?

    New products will drive most of the growth. On the new products, we’d expect the flagship and then there's one other which we have very good historical analytics on for driving demand. So, that's why we're pretty comfortable with what the demand outlook would be between Q3 and Q4. Obviously, the older cameras still play a role 10, 9, and a bit of 8 and MAX, which has continued to do really well. So, the new products are more mass appeal versus more initially like the Bones.

  • 2022 releases so far:

    Bones - a stripped down "naked" Hero10 for the FPV crowd. Only available in the US directly from GoPro.

  • And why is a stripped down Hero10 with no rear screen, no front screen and not waterproof $50 more expensive that a full Hero10? Cheaper (and even lighter) to DIY - like we've been doing for years already since Hero6.

  • This image of a possible Hero11 form factor has been circulated today.

    I'm not sure if it's totally bogus or something which is now assembled at the plants in China and Mexico. What seems a bit strange is the physical "cursor" buttons on the back. As well as the lens details which does not look like GoPro legit. That said this new form factor does seem interesting.

    Also, there is no GoPro fingers on the bottom, I can't imagine GoPro removing these.

    (Alas I chose to upscale the original leaked image by 2x with Topaz Gigapixel AI.)

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  • @EspenB

    May be they'll offer simple adapter, for starters?

  • Seems like a totally fake render.


  • German site WinFuture have the first leaked images of the new Hero11.

    Not suprisingly it looks basically the same as the previous model.

    There is no leaked specifications available at this point.


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