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GINI cage for GH1, GH2
  • Sorry, i know there is a "Gini rigs" thread but I feel this deserves own thread. I have sent a proposal to him a few weeks ago about making a Gini Cage dedicated to GH2, and they said "may be, many thanks", asked again they said "3-4 days" than they did. Waiting for the listing ...

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  • It would have been nice to see the bottom side... I don't know what the deal is with ReWo, but they have been out of stock for more than a month.

  • It's up now at a very high starting price. Someone has placed a bid on one starting at $299. This is pretty high considering he has been letting his non-gh2 cages sell for around $99 lately.

    No real rewards for early adopters of Gini products but so goes the bleeding edge of technology.

  • @rockroadpix Sorry that is not my video, it is Gini's, i did not had a chance yet to buy it (in order to make own review ... @maxdvz you are right the price is very high for promotion (as ReWo) ... At ebay i find two Gini sellers gini-2011 has not listed yet, gini778 has listed ...

  • Yeah, I know, bad display on their part.

  • I made a request too for GH2 cage few weeks ago. Wonder if you can access battery without removing camera from the cage. Hope those holes are standard 1/4 threads, unlike with some of newer cages from Gini.

  • @tonalt, i hope it does ... $299 + $120 (shipping) + $80 (tax-customs,in Sweden) ... it is about 377 EURO almost the price of ReWo cage ... it is too much to risk at present time ...

  • Just ordered mine. I'll post pics when it comes in.

  • @redbaron, exciting, can't wait for your review ...

  • Yeah, I was going to see if it lines up using a 1/4" to hotshoe adapter.

  • @LumixUser if you look on the bottom left side, he has placed some sort of clamp that looks to keep the camera from twisting.

  • Yeah I hear ya. I usually use a lens stabilizer on the rails for that.

  • I won this one, will try to make a short video review when i get it ...

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  • @feha haha, how many Gini products you have? ;) I ordered second Gini rig.. really didn't need it.. but but, it was cheap!

  • @tontalt, sorry i could not resist :-) This includes a GH2 cage ...

  • More GH2 specific parts.. "GH2 baseplate" !. @feha ...did you order already? ;)

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  • @tonalt , no i don't need it at present time, waiting for a complete GH2 cage, still not posted ...

  • Always amazes me that people in the camera business put out promo videos of such astonishingly poor quality. They should use an ad campaign that says "Buy our products so your videos won't look as shitty as ours do!"

  • @brianluce

    This is not amazing, it is typical.
    Most of them are pros in marketing, sales, design, CNC programming :-)

  • @feha How did you get the GH2 to fit the cage properly? I just got the cage and it fits the GH1 perfectly, but not the the GH2. Since the GH2's bottom thread is located in a different position, this causes the camera to be shifted forward and now the battery and SD port is blocked. As you can see from the pictures, the cage does not allow me to shift the camera forwards or back.

    Picture attached for those interested

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  • Here's another picture to show that nothing can be done to move the camera forwards. They really should not be selling this as a GH1/2 cage

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  • Same thing here. I sent a note to GINI to see if he could send a replacement mounting plate with the hole moved back. We shall see...

  • @redbaron Did you get it from ebay seller gini778?

  • Another issues is that those 6 screws on the plate scratch the bottom of the camera.

  • I haven't got mine yet shipped , will contact him before he ships ... So i can't answer ...

    I have sent to him/them the link for this thread in order to read about problems. They must fix this problem else the cage is worthless for GH2 :-(