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War: Why 5G and COVID are tightly connected?
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    5G is a high-frequency, low-range signal, so base stations will be clustered densely. Instead of cell towers spread out like today, tiny 5G stations will blanket areas in a sort of edge-computing mesh network that distributes bandwidth and processing optimally to each user. This allows for those same stations to more accurately triangulate spatial positioning, compared with cell towers today and even GPS. The latter boasts meter-level accuracy, but 5G will have millimeter accuracy in many cases. That unlocks many new possibilities for tracing each user location 24/7.

    Recently talked to one guy working for on our government total surveillance system. And they are extremely happy, constantly checking and pouring money into cell providers to ensure more and more 5G new towers. Today already they try to store cell based tracking of each and every person, just try to keep in under wraps and without publicity.

    Higher 5G speeds are also viewed by government as opportunity to use holes and viruses to leak more data in much shorter time from smartphones of people who are interesting in political or business regards, such way it is much more simple to avoid detection.

    Chinese 5G based tracking is already used in their COVID prevention system allowing to instantly bar anyone near infected person (or anyone near fake infected person, that is declared infected by government).

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