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EU: Big rapid cuts in aluminium production
  • The rapid rise in electricity prices in Europe has led to a reduction in energy-intensive aluminum production.

    Bank of America estimates that of Europe's total aluminum production of 4.5 million tons, about 650,000 tons have been cut so far, while CRU estimates 729,000 tons.

    Below is a list of smelters that have reduced production.


    In December, the metal producer entered into a deal to shut down aluminum production at its San Ciprian plant in Spain for two years. The annual capacity of the smelter is 228,000 tons.


    The Dutch aluminum smelter in Delfzijl cut production in October. Its annual capacity is 150,000 tons.


    The Romanian metal producer is going to cut production by 60% in the first phase. Its annual capacity is 283,000 tons.


    The 285,000-tonne-per-year Dunkirk ironworks in France said it would cut output by 15%.


    The Slovalco steel plant will cut production to around 60% of its output, or about 70,000 tons of aluminium.


    The company has reduced production at its Slovenian steel plant by a third since November 1. It produced 114,581 tons in 2021, according to Talum.


    The German metal producer cut aluminum production by 30% at its facilities in Essen, Hamburg and Weerde.

    The Essen and Hamburg plants produce 165,000 tons and 135,000 tons of aluminum per year respectively, while the Wörde plant has a capacity of 95,000 tons.


    The KAP steel plant in Montenegro has been gradually reducing production since December 15. He cut production by about 35,000 tons.