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800mm F6.3 NIKKOR Z Lens VR S Prime Lens
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    Nikon is pleased to announce the development of the NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S, a super-telephoto prime lens for full-frame (Nikon FX-format) Nikon Z mirrorless cameras.

    The NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S is an S-Line lens, delivering powerful rendering with outstanding resolution while thoroughly reducing color bleeding. By adopting a PF (Phase Fresnel) lens that enables a compact and lightweight body, it is highly portable despite being a super-telephoto lens. With its high rendering performance and superb mobility, this lens will be an excellent choice for many types of photographers ranging from advanced amateurs to professionals.

    799 x 420 - 38K
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  • I was fortunate enough to play with this lens on a Z9 and my own Z6 for several hours at a couple of nature parks this week. The Z9 is nice, but not wanting to change every setting of the owner, it was hard to truly put it through the paces. Though I don't think this is the lens for me, it was surprisingly the standout of the day, particularly on my Z6 where it seemed to do better than on the Z9, which is saying allot since it was doing very well on the Z9. Of course given more time with the Z9, I am sure it would perform bettter. But, iIt basically made the Z6 a brand new camera and erased any AF issues, I can only assume due to low power needs due to light weight everything.. The weight is just ridiculous, feeling more like a kids toy that can't possibly function, let alone function so well. Of course it is not light in the grand scheme, but the the overall volume vs weight has it feeling much lighter than it actually is, and the balance makes it extremely easy to not only point around, but changing positions on the lens is effortless, especially compared to my 200-400 vr which is like a weight lifting thrust sometimes to get my hands to a new spot. AF was fast and confident. Though minimal focus distance leaves a little to be desired, you can achieve complete bokeh wash that is very neutral and pleasing.

  • Sorry, I know it is not much. I did a facepalm when I remembered I could have just uploaded the Z6 photo's with the 800mm (dragon fly thumbnail is z6 with the 800). Will try to make another video with the Z6 photo's before the weekend's up.