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Leica M11 Camera
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    Triple Resolution Technology

    Besides the 60MP resolution and BSI design, another first for M cameras is Triple Resolution Technology. This unique pixel binning process allows photographers to select 60MP, 36MP, or 18MP output, with each resolution making use of the full sensor area and providing rich 14-bit color. By pixel binning, rather than cropping, the lower resolutions have improved dynamic range and noise levels:

    • 60MP: 14 stops of dynamic range, highest resolution
    • 36MP: 15 stops of dynamic range, best balance of resolution and noise
    • 18MP: 15 stops of dynamic range, lowest noise levels
    600 x 333 - 46K
    800 x 501 - 65K
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  • Electronics by Panasonic?

  • The triple resolution is an interesting feature. Seems like the second camera after the 12K BMD camera to offer this multi resolution without cropping.

    I own several Leicas, mostly M's, and the price is still very eye watering. The extra resolution also tends to show up the imperfections of the lessor lenses too. Might be a while for me !