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Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27" user review
  • In my country: Xiaomi BHR4975EU, 27", Full HD, IPS, 75Hz, 100% sRGB, HDMI, VGA

    An exceptional price/quality ratio PC screen!

    4 important specifications cached my attention:

    • IPS screen with wide viewing angle
    • 100% sRGB color gamut spectrum coverage
    • Flicker free
    • Blue light filter

    Out of the box the screen came well calibrated, with a small Delta-E variation of color. After a manual calibration, it approaches perfection (except for the typical brighter black of IPS screens).

    The "Flicker Free" and "Blue Light Filter" functions are very important for the eyes, especially for long working periods of time in front of the computer. I did not encounter problems related to ghosting or clouding, the image uniformity of my sample being impeccable. It doesn’t make much sense to comment much about IPS technology, whoever is interested in image editing, knows why to choose an IPS screen in favor of other technologies on the market.

    The screen is elegant, with thin edges on the side and top and the construction is made of good quality plastic. The foot is made of metal and offers an inclination from -5 to 20 degrees.

    In conclusion, for my needs (image editing) it’s an excellent screen at a very decent price. I recommend it with confidence!

    2515 x 1737 - 1M
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  • @Eno

    Can you add your own photos and screenshot of calibration result?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Settings may vary depending on sample variance, but I get really good results with the following:

    1920 x 1408 - 534K
    876 x 7000 - 780K
  • Why not get 4K?

    Can be interesting to compare, as it is good panels as I understand, and 94% DCI-P3 mode also present.