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War: Human males as animals responsible for CO2 and climate hell
  • Scientists from the UK found that men are 41% less environmentally friendly than women. A significant role in this was played by the adherence to a meat diet, that is, the actual support of one of the most environmentally unfriendly areas of agriculture - animal husbandry.

    Scientists analyzed the emissions from the production of more than 3 thousand products, as well as the diet of 212 Britons. It found that animal products account for 31% of the greenhouse gases that are generated during the production of this food.

    Experts stressed that the high demand for meat is exacerbating the climate crisis, as livestock production leaves a large ecological footprint.

    They added that, in general, men eat more (!) and are also more committed to a traditional meat diet, which is why their foods are responsible for a larger share of the emissions.

    Men's purchases generate 16% more carbon emissions than women's purchases.

    Representatives of the sterner sex often use cars, buy gasoline and diesel fuel. In turn, women travel more by public transport, which significantly reduces their share in greenhouse gas emissions.

    In addition, men are more likely to spend on food outside the home, alcohol and tobacco, while women’s money is mainly spent on health, clothing and home improvement.

    I think males must go the way of cows - to the slaughterhouse. No?