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GH2 Hack question
  • I hacked my GH2 with Flowmotion. Should it show on the Version Disp. screen? It still shows Ver.1.1 for Body and Lens Firmware.

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  • It doesn’t show anything. If the patch process was successfully made, you should check out your footage and use a anything to look at the bitrates, that should indicate if your hack was done right.

  • Thank you. Not sure what you mean by "use a anything".

  • anything is like putin right click on the file while using windows and put MEDIAINFO and check out the bitrate and the file size, compare it to a classic file of GH2, if its heavier and has more bitrate, then the hack was succesfull.

  • Great. Thank you!

  • my file says 115393KBPS. Does that seem right for Flowmotion?

  • yes. Normal GH2 has less mbits per second. This shows over 100 megabits per second on your file, the patch has been successfully installed.

  • Thanks again.