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Mordor: Degradation of education
  • In the spring of this year, only 43% of eleventh graders were thinking about going to universities, a year earlier they were 48%, and in 2010 - 80%. How many of the current 43% will make their dream come true and pass rigorous university selection? It is good if at least two thirds or 70% (approximate statistics of past years). Is this a lot, considering that more than half give up the struggle for higher education in the ninth grade? It was not possible to find exact statistics for 2021, but, according to data from different regions, it can be assumed that this summer, after nine years of schooling, from 55 to 60% of children left school. A certain number of children cease to be schoolchildren after grade 8. Roughly speaking, out of 100 schoolchildren, only 40 go to the tenth, out of these 40, only 17 (43%) decided to enter a university, of these 17, 12 people (70%) will enroll. And someone else will leave the race after the next session, someone will not be able to pay - let's round the number of lucky ones to 10.

    10 out of 100 people will be able to get university degree in Russia in the coming years. And not all ofuniversities are good. And most are not free. Ten out of a hundred!