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16mm F2.8 RF Canon Lens
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    The pricing for the lens is said to be $299.

    Scheduled to ship on October 14, 2021.

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  • Compact, versatile, speedy, and affordable, the new RF16mm F2.8 STM lens is a terrific complement to any EOS R series digital camera. Offering an ultra-wide angle of view and a bright f/2.8 aperture, it’s an excellent choice whether taking interior photos in tight spaces, seeking out the perfect landscape or as the perfect webcam lens when used in combination with an EOS camera and EOS Webcam Utility on a video call.

    With a 16mm F2.8 lens, you can experiment with enhancing perspectives, capturing starscapes, or with the close focusing distance of 13cm, get up close to your subject while still keeping the background more visible. Video users will find this ultra-wide lens a natural for vlogging, especially with its supremely lightweight.

    With its remarkable combination of optical excellence and refined performance, all in a small package that’s easy to bring most anywhere, the RF16mm F2.8 STM is a stellar companion to any EOS R series digital camera.

  • Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the RF16mm F2.8 STM and RF100--400mm F5.6--8 IS USM lenses. Both lenses invite current EOS R series users and those who are considering a move to Canon's prominent mirrorless system, such as the EOS R or EOS RP, to expand their content creation abilities with the visual drama of an ultra-wide-angle lens and true telephoto-only zoom lens. As the "lens first" EOS R series continues to expand, these latest lenses open the door to a wide-range of imaging creators, encouraging them to test the powers and possibilities of their art.

    Ultra-Wide Perspectives

    Whether you are excited to start exploring the creative world of ultra wide-angle photography or someone who is looking to add another lens to expand your imaging offerings, the Canon RF16mm F2.8 STM is compact, lightweight and affordable. Long gone are the days of optical corrections or sharpness challenges -- the new ultra-wide, 16mm RF lens, for full-frame cameras, comes with a fast and bright f/2.8 maximum lens aperture, as well as smooth and brisk AF (autofocus). This lens is a strong addition to the landscape, architecture or travel photographer --- but it also provides the vlogging creator and the EOS Webcam Utility software user the power to integrate environments into their imagery, with its super-wide coverage.

    Additional features of Canon's new ultra wide-angle prime lens with 16mm focal length F2.8 include:

    • STM Motor for smooth focusing when recording video
    • Compact size and light weight - similar to RF50mm F1.8 STM
    • Minimum focus distance of 5.11"
    • Maximum magnification of 0.26x
    • 43mm filter thread

    Pricing and Availability

    The Canon RF16mm F2.8 STM and RF100--400mm F5.6--8 IS USM are scheduled to be available in October 2021 for an estimated retail price of $299.00 and $649.00, respectively*.

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