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GoPro Hero 10 ("X") topic
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    Action camera manufacturer GoPro seems to have recovered in the last year, despite the pandemic sales are up like 70 per cent.

    Which brings us to the imminent autumn releases of the Hero10 and possible Max2.

    So far there is basically no solid rumours floating around, just whishfull thinking. But leaks tend to surface at this time in late august for the usual late september announcement. Production of the new models is underway, this seems to start around june/july at the factories in China/Mexico.


    • The "gopro" SOC has been around for four cameras now and need an imminent replacement IMO. For better refresh of front screen and overall performance. And lower power consumption.
    • Integrated option for wireless mic (like DJI has in the Pocket2).
    • Lager edge-to-edge back screen.
    • Significantly better stabilisation performance in indoor lighting. Hypersmooth is basically crap even in well lit interiors IMO.
    • Better in low light in general. Pocket2 managed to squize in a slightly larger sensor which seems to boost low light performance. With the larger Hero9 form factor it should be possible to use a slightly larger sensor even in the GoPro.
    • Ditch the media mod and include the HDMI output and analogue input on the core unit. Instead provide a light weight frame with cold shoes.
    • Option of turning of excessive image processing in pro tune mode (i.e. like noise reduction).
    605 x 736 - 47K
    800 x 441 - 38K
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  • I am huge modularity fan, and GoPro is almost ideal for it.

    It must have standard, very hard and light, magnesium case.

    Back screen must be removable and attacked on the screws from the inside.

    Camera module must be special one piece module.

    Lens must be attachable to camera module either permanently or via small magnetic mount.

  • WinFuture seems to have done it again with the first leaked images and packaging of the Hero10.

    Key points:
    * GP2 processor
    * New sensor with increased number of pixels
    * HyperSmooth 4.0
    * 4K videos can be recorded with up to 120 FPS
    * form factor continued from Hero10

    900 x 506 - 43K
  • Packaging details.


    1152 x 1152 - 231K
  • @EspenB

    Seems very nice. But why not changeable lens or at least lens options?

  • Someone posted a link to a patent featuring a GoPro with a dual imaging module, making it kind of smart phone dual set up. Maybe for he Hero11 or Hero12.

    "The dual imaging module may be used to capture image at wide range of zoom levels while maintaining high resolution, where the first lens assembly with a relatively wide field of view is used at low zoom levels and the second lens assembly with a relatively narrow field of view is used to capture at high zoom levels."


    1080 x 608 - 55K
  • Video specs

    • 5.3k video at 60fps (vs 30fps for Hero9)
    • 4K video at 120fps (vs 60fps for Hero9)
    • 2.7k video at 240fps (vs 120fps for Hero9)
    • 23mp photos (vs 20mp for Hero9)
    • HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization (vs Hypersmooth 3.0)
    • TimeWarp 3.0, similar to hyperlapse of the Hero 9.
  • 8bits or 10bits video, that is my question.

  • 8 bits I’m almost sure

  • It'll probably be compatible with the max lens mod but for sure it would be nice if GoPro had more options. A couple of examples would be a linear and telephoto lens. With a linear lens, you'd be able to get a non fisheye look in 5.3K.

  • Last year the Hero 9 was announced on Sep 16, 2020.

    So we might be just two weeks away from the Hero10 release.

  • Today there was a revamp of the GoPro site, so new stuff is probably coming soon.

  • Roland Quandt on Twitter:

    GoPro Hero10 Black will set you back 539,99 Euros.

  • New accessory is also coming:

    ACVT1 grip with internal 4900 mAh battery.

  • Double performance thanks to the new GoPro GP2 chip
    With the new model, the so-called GP2 engine has arrived. The special processor is supposed to double the performance and, with other hardware updates, enable improved performance in poor lighting conditions. GoPro describes the image stabilization HyperSmooth 4.0 in its marketing materials as "groundbreaking" and therefore wants to use it in all operating modes of the GoPro Hero 10 Black.

    As already reported, the new GoPro should deliver the sharpest images yet, with photos with up to 23 megapixels and 5.3K videos with up to 60 frames per second being possible. Slow motion videos are possible with eight times the delay at 2.7K resolution (2.7K at 240 FPS). For this specification, GoPro naturally requires the 30 FPS frame rate of the basic setting.

    Better low-light performance & HyperSmooth 4.0
    If desired, you can also extract still images with a decent 15.8 megapixels from the 5.3K videos. GoPro promises, among other things, recordings with lots of details, realistic rendering of the textures and decent contrast - even in low light. In order to improve the image quality with the optics, the GoPro Hero 10 Black is given a lens cover with a hydrophobic, i.e. water-repellent coating, which additionally minimizes reflections and is intended to prevent other disruptive effects.

    HyperSmooth 4.0 should ensure, among other things, that the recordings of the GoPro Hero10 Black deliver particularly soft recordings and can be easily activated at any time. The software also helps to increase the low-light performance and enables a horizon alignment with a higher slope limit.

    New front display with higher refresh rate
    The display of the Hero10 remains unchanged at 2.27 inches and can be operated by touch. On the front, the refresh rate of the additional display, which is unchanged in size, was allegedly increased in order to achieve a more fluid display. GoPro also promises that the touch controls and the shutter release can now be operated faster. The image quality for live streams should now also be higher.

    The GoPro Hero10 Black's field of view remains unchanged at 132 degrees. With the Max Lens Mod it can be widened to 155 degrees as before. The manufacturer also states that the dimensions of the new model have not changed, so that all accessory products of the Hero9 should also be compatible with the new version of the action camera. Only the weight is insignificantly lower at 153 grams.

    The battery has not changed either. The power storage is still 1720mAh and can be charged quickly if necessary. By the way, GoPro recommends using a microSD card with V30 or UHS-3 support in order to ensure optimal performance in all operating modes.

    The new GoPro Hero10 Black will probably be officially presented on September 15th and will cost a proud 539.99 euros without the GoPro Cloud annual subscription. This increases the price by as much as 50 euros compared to the previous model. One possible reason for this could be the poor availability of various components and materials as a result of the chip crisis and bottlenecks.


    2042 x 1500 - 748K
  • It’s now in stock in at least one store in Norway. The price is 4299 krone, which is around USD $499. By comparison, Hero 9 launched at $450, so it’s around an 11% price increase.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Link? I browsed a few e-retailers and nothing yet.

    And as far as I recall the Hero9 started at around 5000 NOK when new, there was a significant saving ordering directly from (Also prices in Norway include 25 per cent VAT.)

  • September 16

  • We know that the Hero10 form factor has not changed, but as customary GoPro puts a compatibility sticker on older inventory of accessories for the Hero9.


    777 x 1072 - 357K
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    1351 x 1714 - 336K
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    1381 x 1012 - 146K
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    1550 x 2048 - 448K
  • @GetHypoxic

    GoPro GP2 = Socionext Milbeaut M20V
    GoPro 10 is now running 64bit OS’s
    Bet that conversion wasn’t easy

  • Same sensor as Hero10:

    Same Sony IMX677 1/2.3 sensor.
    Same IMU, WIFI chipset, GPS, master PMIC, and LCDs
    Appears removal of dspGroup DBMD4. May not have voice wakeup feature.
    No built-in HDMI