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Burlesque Show with GH2 HBR 25p & Voigtlander 50m f1.1
  • Test filming in HBR mode (1080p25) with very safe "hack" at 33 mbts.

    First use of a voigtlander nokton 50mm 1.1. that I've just received. Great lense ! All manual control.

    I thought this would be funny to shoot. And a much more interesting subject for the test than the usual garden tree... :)

    Export with Clipwrap. Edited in FCP7 with no color correction.

    Music : Betty Hutton "Stuff like that there".

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  • Great test - and not a tree in sight - not even a small bush! Looks a fab lens. 50mm manual lenses seem to be a great focal length on this camera.

  • @PhilMyself What settings have you used?

  • Thank you Mark ! In fact, I didn't expect to be so close of the scene and the 50mm was maybe a little too long. But it looks good ! Now I wish I had a 35mm 1.2 & the 17mm 0.95 to complete the whole range of Voigtlander lenses ! (But first, I may need some money, could help...)

    Settings was only 33mbs because when I go higher the camera was crashing very often... Maybe my card isn't fast enough ? Anyway 33mbs is very stable for me & that's what I need.

  • @PhilMyself great video. Please can you share your safe settings, the ini file ? For now I use Cluster v1 from @driftwood

  • That is what i call Pixel Peeping :D!

  • Well, there isn't any trees where I live, that 's the only subject I could find... Life is so unfair, I want a tree now !!! :)

    I just change the FSH/SH & 24H to 33mbs and didn't touch anything else. Not a very spectacular settings but once again it's safe for me.

  • I am a little confused when you say you changed the FSH/SH to 33mbs. I cannot find this setting on my hacked GH2. Thank you for your help

  • Sorry, 33mbs is the "hack" settings. On the GH2 it was "nostalgic" -2/-2/-2. Shutter speed 1/50 or 1/100.

  • @PhilMyself the question was which settings you used

  • No settings. I just open the ptool and enter the value in the FSH/SH & 24H to 33mbs. Nothing else.

  • @PhilMyself Excellent - and by "bush" I wasn't necessarily talking vegetation...!

    EDIT: Just had a look at some of your other videos. Wonderful stuff - love the recording session!

  • Well I'm a young & naive guy, I have no idea of what you are referring to if not vegetation when talking about "bush"... :)

    Anyway thanks for watching my work !!!

  • @PhilMyself great video, really looks like a fun show...

    ... but I can't conzentrate on makroblocking, noise, dinamic range,...

    The actual subjects are way more interesting - sorry, but this fails as a "camera test" ;-)

  • @PhilMyself , @Psyco I doubt anyone can see any macro blocking or noise while beautiful subjects "moving" there :-)

  • Damn... You are right ! Major, epic fail on this test ! I'm such a bad tester ! Again, need a tree, right now ! :)