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Good quote: On Apple and monopolies
  • In order to accumulate some capital, producers need a quasi-monopoly. Only if they have it can they sell their products at prices significantly higher than production costs. In a system with real competition, there can be no profit. Real profit requires the restriction of the free market, that is, quasi-monopoly.

    However, quasi-monopoly can be established only under two conditions:

    1. A product is an innovation for which there is (or can be induced) a sufficiently large number of buyers who are ready to purchase it.
    2. One or more powerful states are ready to use their power in order to prevent other manufacturers from entering the market (or at least restrict it).

    In short, quasi-monopoly can exist only if the market is not “free” of state participation.

    Immanuel Wallerstein

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  • Little more clear that happened with Huawei? No?