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Sony A Mount - End of DSLR and SLR like cameras in general
  • website removed all A-mount cameras and also BHphoto reports the cameras as “no longer available”

    As expected.

    Except 2 top cameras (one from Canon and one from Nikon) and last Pentax offers we won't have any new DSLRs available in 2022.

    Even lenses will be 95% as "new old stock".

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  • I.. don't understand. Has the professional market shrunk so much it's no longer a viable business for these companies, at any price point?

  • @radikalfilm

    They aim to use only one DSLR camera for old style professionals. This is very old idea.

    All engineers already left DSLR teams, even top cameras will have small teams, will use same LSI,s ame sensors as top priority mirrorless models.

    Note that we also have high price hike waiting for us, up to 50% on some FF models as rumors tell.

    At least Panasonic management considers it nice if we will have only 30% market fall this year, so they hope to get money back via bigger margins.