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Crypto scam: HDDs and SSD drives prices jumped like mad
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    All thanks to crypto scam.

    We need repressions.

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  • Memory module house Adata Technology held over NT$10 billion (US$357.8 million) worth of inventory as of the end of first-quarter 2021 - a record high.

    Adata will continue to stockpile and maintain high inventory levels, said Chen, adding that the memory contract price outlook remains bullish.

    Adata reported net profit hiked about 119% sequentially to NT$685 million (US$24.5 million) in the first quarter, with EPS hitting a 14-quarter high of NT$2.94. The company generated revenue of nearly NT$9.1 billion in the first quarter, up 2.6% sequentially, with gross margin rising almost 7pp on quarter to 19.07%.

    We have huge criminal like cartels now. They rip everyone off.

  • Yesterday, May 3, trading began in the new cryptocurrency Chia. At its peak, the average cost per unit of digital currency reached $ 1,811, but later dropped to $ 670 per unit. Trading is conducted on OKEx,, and Bibox.

    Chia's daily trading volume has reached $ 18.4 million at the time of writing. The amount of disk space currently occupied by cryptocurrency reaches 2.11 exabytes, and it has grown tenfold in just the last week. Miners have already mined 457,402 coins. It is worth noting that Chia mining started in March this year. Against this background, sales of hard drives and solid-state drives have skyrocketed, as well as their prices have increased significantly.

  • If in a regular PC a 256 or 512 GB SSD can last five years, then in a PC used for mining ChiaCoin, it will die in a month or two. The fact is that when mining this cryptocurrency, read and write processes are very active - for example, in two months the volume of recorded data reaches 256 TB. By comparison, the TBW (Total Bytes Written) of a typical 480GB Crucial BX500 consumer SSD is 120TB. The manufacturer claims that if you write to an SSD of 65 GB daily, then such an SSD will last 5 years. But with farming, its life cycle will end in a month. A 2TB Crucial BX500 will only last 5.5 months under such loads ... In general, affordable SSDs based on TLC and QLC memory are not the best option for pharming, since these drives are not designed for more daily recording volumes.