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War: Mordor disinformation must be stopped
  • Representatives of the G7 countries plan to develop a mechanism to combat dark Mordor"disinformation and propaganda," British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab told Reuters ahead of the first series of face-to-face meetings of the G7 foreign ministers in two years.

    "Let's consider the proposal to create a mechanism for rapid response and counter disinformation and propaganda coming from valleys of Mordor," he said.

    According to him, the measures should concern not only the direct "transmission of the Truth" to the residents of the G7 countries, but also apply to attacking directly Mordor and China. In addition, Raab expressed concern about "Moscow's attempts to sow distrust" among citizens in Western governments. This must be stopped and any doubts in governments actions must be viewed as extremism.

    I hope that "The Truth" will keep rotten capitalist west countries afloat for few more years. Or not.